About us

Business profile

The Group specialises in solving a variety of data capture, reporting and resource optimisation problems along with the provision of a range of associated professional services.

Tracsis' products and services are used to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve the operational performance and decision making capabilities for clients and customers.

Tracsis has offices across the UK which service projects in Europe.

Maximising performance, efficiency and cost savings

From freight to passengers, traffic to pedestrians, a safe and efficient infrastructure is vital. Tracsis is well placed to work with its customers to ensure that performance, efficiency and cost savings are always maximised.

Our market

The growth in the market that Tracsis operates within is driven by a number of external drivers – these include:

Rising passenger numbers

and traffic in both rail and road

Global recession

Increasing awareness and cost consciousness

Lack of alternatives

Lack of viable transport alternatives

Increased accountability

for safety and performance


and privatisation of state-owned railways

The "green" issue

Growing environmental concerns & regulations


The Group’s strategy is to drive growth and shareholder value through providing technology led solutions and consultation to solve its clients well recognised industry issues.

Tracsis has diversified revenues across four distinct divisions and drives growth through a number of key areas:


Further sales from existing products to UK

Product development

Development of new solutions and services

Overseas markets

As yet relatively untapped overseas markets


Growing pipeline of acquisitions