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Tracsis 2024 Interim Results Overview


Tracsis 2024 Interim Results Overview

FY2024 Interim2023 Full Year2023 Interim2022 Full Year2022 Interim2021 Full Year2021 Interim2020 Full Year
Adjusted EBITDA£5.7m£16.0m£7.5m£14.2m£6.2m£13.0m£5.4m£10.5m
Pre-Tax Profit(£0.3m)£7.1m£2.3m£2.6m£1.3m£4.6m£1.1m£4.1m
Cash balances£16.8m£15.3m£17.0m£17.2m£25.1m£25.4m£20.8m£17.9m
Dividend per Share1.1p1.2p1.0p2.0p0.9pn/an/an/a

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Delivering business critical, technology driven solutions since 2004. The business now has c.550 employees based in UK, Ireland and USA.

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