Gender pay gap reporting

Under the methodology set out in the regulations, Tracsis’s median gender pay gap is 19% and its mean gender pay gap is 25%. The mean gender bonus gap is 62% and its median gender bonus gap is 67%. The percentage of staff receiving a bonus was 65% for men and 64% for women.

The Gender population by pay quartile is as follows:

Upper Middle26%74%
Lower Middle30%70%

Due to the nature of the industry that the Group operates in and the activities that it performs, Tracsis’ gender pay gap is due to the fact that men hold the most senior, higher paid positions and as a result, there are more men than women in senior roles. However, in recent years, Tracsis has made significant progress with two of the most senior roles in the Group’s Operations & Planning Division being held by women, and the Group’s PLC board of Directors also includes two women, representing one third of the overall Board.

With regards to equal pay, Tracsis confirms that men and women receive equal pay for the same jobs, similar jobs or work of equal value.