Tracsis Completes Cutover of Shove Track System for a an industrial location in Alabama

17 April 15

Tracsis has completed the implementation of a Shove Track Protection System for a private coal mining facility located in Alabama. Tracsis provided indication and detection subsystems as well as wireless communications to keep both subsystems in communication.

This system is comprised of equipment for a detection zone and equipment for an indication zone, for each protected track. Both zones are then wirelessly connected to a Tracsis Communications Controller which allows the zones to communicate to each other in real time. This constant communication is essential as ensures that when trains cross different thresholds in the detection zone – the indication zone is immediately updated with their new position.

Tracsis Shove Track Protection System allows customers to efficiently shove cars without the need for multiple people spotting the operation from the end of the tracks. This decreases the amount of people required to work near tracks and removes the variable of a human having to determine when to radio the train to cease and start movement.