Esme Durrant Update

30 June 15

Congratulations to Esme for becoming J15 – C1 National Champion in the Canoe Slalom at Pinkston in Glasgow.

Esme is a junior athlete who has been sponsored by Tracsis/MPEC Technology to compete in Canoe Slalom, an Olympic sport for both men and women who race in different categories. These categories are C1 – Canoe, K1 – Kayak single and C2 – Canoe Double.

Esme also came a close second to the J16 – C1 National Champion and gained 3rd place in her K1 (Kayak) race. This meant that she had now accrued enough points to be promoted in K1 to the Premier Division. The top division where she will be competing against the top women UK slalomists on the most difficult and testing courses.

Following this, her next race was in Washburn, North Yorkshire, where she entered the C1 class. After an outstanding race she went on to win the C1 event and has now also been promoted to the C1 Premier Division.

This means that at the age of 14, Esme is now a National Champion and a double ‘Prem’ paddler in both slalom disciplines available for women – Kayak (K1) and Canoe (C1). She is the first person throughout the original Talent ID Academy in Nottingham to do this, including those children who started in the year before her.

The rest of Esme’s season will be spent gaining experience at the Premier level ready to commence her first full season next spring.

Esme Durrant