Preparing Rail Operators for the demands of a Right Time Railway in CP6

05 December 16

Train performance and the management of performance events remain a key driver of customer satisfaction for the UK rail industry, and despite significant investment of resources, performance has, in many areas, flat-lined or declined during the last three years. The industry is planning to sharpen its performance metrics for CP6, but is doing this without necessarily changing the measurement and management tools on offer to operational staff.

Tracsis has developed DayOne to plug the gap between data that the industry needs to measure and the level of information currently at its disposal.

A Modern Railways innovation award winner, DayOne offers users the ability to investigate delays at any threshold (right down to the second), share delay information instantly, analyse train running at the finest level of detail available and monitor how their business is performing overall. This dynamic software connects all of the information in real time, promoting a performance-lead culture.

An App in the hands of frontline staff provides the ability to deliver 20 times more delay information than current methods allow. This information, along with all train running data, passes each day to Tracsis Bugle (the UKs most widely used performance management software), enabling businesses to analyse everything from how frequently staff report on delays to SRTs which may be unachievable.

“The most significant development (in a positive way) that we have seen in a decade.” – Southeastern performance staff (where DayOne has been successfully launched)

DayOne will enable the UK Rail industry to take performance management to a new level which has so far proved unattainable.

Contact Matt Wilson (formerly of the DfT, Network Rail and East Coast) at for a demonstration of DayOne.