CP6 – are you ready?

11 July 18

Tracsis’ enhanced performance offering is enabling the UK Rail Industry to meet the new CP6 metrics, taking performance management to a new level which has previously proved unattainable - say industry performance experts Sarah Butterworth and Jill Hannah.

CP6, beginning in April 2019, brings with it more detailed performance metrics requiring the industry to provide and process significantly greater volumes of data, to a much more detailed level, than ever before. With this comes the need to ensure processes and systems are fit for purpose. Tracsis’ innovative DayOne software is already available within the industry but has not necessarily been used to its optimum level thus far.

The new metrics require seconds, rather than minutes, based data at all stations along a journey. Whilst dwell times (the amount of time a train spends at a station stop) have been an area of focus with many industry partners during the course of CP5, right time arrivals and departures will be the new focus. DayOne both captures this data and importantly facilitates the real time recording of root cause through a mobile digital app that can be used by station staff and train crews to quickly and easily provide reasons for delays. DayOne then passes this data to the Tracsis Bugle system (the most widely used rail performance management software in the UK rail industry).

The data can be used by managers to attribute, accept and subsequently analyse delays. This analysis, now using to the second information and sourced from the frontline staff, can then be used to drive the detailed performance improvements demanded by CP6. Acumen, Tracsis’ business intelligence software, can be used with Bugle to provide flexible reporting and ad-hoc analysis as an integral part of the Tracsis performance solution.

To strengthen their performance-based offering, Tracsis has recently appointed Sarah Butterworth and Jill Hannah as product managers for Bugle and DayOne. Between them, Jill and Sarah have in excess of 50 years’ performance-based industry experience. In addition to continuing to develop Tracsis’ products to meet industry needs, Sarah and Jill can offer a range of consultancy services including performance appreciation, software-based training and process improvement workshops.

In combination with the existing Tracsis RailSys Modelling team, the largest timetable modelling team in the UK outside of Network Rail, Tracsis is in a strong position to assist Train Operators in taking industry performance to a new level. RailSys is an established product that includes new running times and margins as well as performance modelling. Performance modelling for projects can predict changes to performance as a result of project proposals including infrastructure enhancement proposals (including layout and line speed changes), new timetable proposals (such as enhanced service patterns and improved journey times) or rolling stock changes. RailSys compares the base situation and proposed project to predict changes to delay minutes, recovery, average lateness and punctuality; enabling optimum ‘what-if’ scenario testing.

Tracsis will be hosting a free of charge Performance Conference with guest speaker on 25th September in Central Manchester aimed at Heads of Performance and Planning. Please contact us at info@tracsis.com to register your interest for attendance at this popular event.