Chris Grayling calls for "One Click Compo for Rail Delays"

02 October 18

Have you seen the headline on the front cover of the Metro (free newspaper) this morning?


Train Operating Companies are under increasing pressure to enable rail passengers to be able to make their delay claims easier and quicker.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is calling for Train Operators to introduce a digital claims system as a condition of winning or keeping their franchises.

Travel Compensation Services (Part of the Tracsis Group) has already assisted a number of operators with their revolutionary automated claim management solution.

The solution streamlines and dramatically speeds up the delay repay process (within minutes in some cases, depending on the method of payment) whilst enabling Train Operators to see a significant reduction in agent handled claims.

The resulting benefit is an increase in customer satisfaction and Train Operator revenue, and a reduction in fraud.

How it works

Through intelligent data capture, business rules and thresholds, the solution can process a high volume of claims without the need for manual intervention. Rules and thresholds are fully configurable and flexible to allow for change, enabling Train Operators to set the specific terms on which stage they wish their own agents to be involved during the claims process. The system will then apply those rules.

Keeping the claimant updated on the status of their claim is so important, failure to do involves calls to the agent, email chases, all of which take time to respond to. Our solution will keep the claimant in the loop by providing a contestant status of their claim through its life cycle. A self service portal allows the claimant to provide additional or missing information directly into the claim record removing the need to interact with an agent.

The system will allow multiple methods of payment, giving choice to the claimant and satisfying the requirements of the Consumer Rights Act. Integration with third party retailers and financial institutions is also possible in order to process direct transactions to bank accounts, credit cards and PayPal. An integration with Darwin is used to validate each claim and ensure it meets the threshold criteria for payment.

Fraud screening is an integral part of the system. Automatic checks for duplicate and conflicting claims have been built into the system with additional rules to identify suspicious records and activity. This functionality is also configurable as required.

In addition, the solution can produce complex reporting on claim data including the ability for the Train Operator to drill deeper to underlying data. For example, data around those claims already submitted, processed and queried.


Don’t get left behind - contact or for more information about how our system can help you to automate and streamline your delay claims.