Alex Warner reviews the entrepreneurial flair behind our Automated Delay Repay Solution

11 December 18

Alex Warner, CEO of Flash Forward Consulting has reviewed the entrepreneurial flair behind our revolutionary Automated Delay Repay System as part of the 'Travel Test' series in the latest issue of Passenger Transport Magazine.

In the article, Alex tells the story of how this revolutionary tool, (which has been shortlisted as a finalist at the 2019 Rail Business Awards for Technical Innovation Excellence) was developed from humble beginnings by Tracsis Travel Compensation Services' Managing Director Sarah Dalby and Chief Technology Officer, Lee Fortnam, who were themselves regularly affected by delayed or cancelled rail services.

The original idea was to develop an App that helped the customer to claim compensation easily by automating the process and handling the claim for them, thus removing the cumbersome task of form filling required by many Train Operator claims processes. The App quickly became adopted by many rail passengers and as a result, the volume of claims made to Train Operators increased substantially.

With the increase in claims volume, some Train Operators saw the opportunity to use the innovation for their own benefit, as it also supported the ORR directive that the Consumer Rights Act was to be compiled, creating a wider range of compensation methods for customers. The App underwent further development to fit this specific purpose and the Tracsis Travel Compensation Services automated claims management system was born.

Using innovative technology, the system remains closely aligned with the needs of Train Operators, its primary focus on enhancing customer experience and engagement.

In the article, Alex comments:

"I've stumbled across another nugget of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial flair aimed at driving customer satisfaction and being the antithesis of traditional approaches towards customer service"

To read the article in full, please click the link below:

TTCS Travel Test Article - Passenger Transport Magazine - Issue 198

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