DayOne – Addressing the requirements of the new CP6 metrics.

21 March 19

Did you see BBC Breakfast News this morning?

Train punctuality standards are tightening….from 1st April, the new CP6 metrics will be implemented, requiring significantly higher levels of data than ever before. Train time will be measured at every stop made, right down to the minute. With Rail punctuality dropping to a 13-year low in 2018, Tracsis have has provided an innovative solution.

Tracsis DayOne software is already out in the industry and with the new CP6 metrics, can be used to its optimum potential. DayOne secures real time recording that is used by front-line staff with ease to instantly and efficiently provide reasoning to any delays.

This information can then be transferred to Tracsis Bugle system (performance management software used by most Train Operating Companies in the UK rail industry). The data acquired from front line staff can then be used by managers either in real time via the DayOne desktop application or via the Bugle system for downstream analysis purposes. This data facilitates the reporting and analysis of new CP6 metrics both accurately and efficiently.

Tracsis rail performance experts, Sarah Butterworth and Jill Hannah, have in excess of 50 years’ performance-based industry experience between them. By continuing to develop DayOne and Bugle to meet customers’ performance needs, they are ensuring Train Operators are ready for the challenges brought by CP6, helping to drive the rail industry forwards.

Working closely with Jill and Sarah, Tracsis has a team of expert analysts to provide support in both Bugle and DayOne software, in addition, we have an experienced RailSys modelling team (the largest in the UK outside Network Rail), which can assist with the expert analysis of the data provided by Bugle and DayOne, predicting changes to performance as a result of infrastructure enhancements and new timetable proposals.

BBC News - Train Punctuality Standards to be Tightened
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