Tracsis TRACS-TC – Streamlining the Process and Maximising Efficiency

08 April 19

TRACS Timetable Comparison Tool delivers detailed comparisons at the touch of a button!

Using TRACS Timetable Comparison (TRACS-TC) is a dynamic tool that allows timetables to be effortlessly studied and compared with the benefit of customisable filters. The software highlights exactly what has changed within the timetables which reduces time and labour.

TRACS Timetable Comparison Benefits:
• Displays changes made during the Network Rail timetable bid/offer process which, if not establish, could result in unexpected delays and penalties.
• Ensure that your company continues to maintain the finest potential service to its customers.
• Highlights specifically what has changed between timetables, reducing the time and labour required for staff to manually check, compare and track changes.

The software also maximises the efficiency during the Franchise Bid process, this is because the timetable options are compared, and the differences clearly displayed in a user-friendly on-screen view.

There are multiple comparison scenarios where TRACS-TC can be used to streamline the process:
• Planned and run timetables for Schedule 4 Calculations
• LTP and STP timetables
• Bid and offer timetables
• Timetable iterations franchise bidding
• TABS report estimates calculations and validation

TRACS-TC is the easiest piece of kit you could use, it’s extremely thorough and allows you to analyse every aspect of the timetable data which is something you couldn’t do before. Using the timetable comparison function, TRACS-TC has certainly allowed us to eliminate some of the delays due to late changes which have not been picked up!” Karen Booth – Amended Access Team Leader London, East Midlands Trains

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Tracsis Timetable Comparison Tool