How Roster Fitting and LTP as STP Matcher Can Benefit You

11 April 19

Two modules which integrate seamlessly with Tracsis TrainTRACS software to further reduce time and increase efficiency in crew planning and scheduling.

The organisation and scheduling of crew resources is one of the most complex problems in the transport industry, due to the requirement for a high level of manual input, the many variables involved and the variability in planning conditions.

Tracsis' Roster Fitting Module and our new development, the Long Term Planning (LTP) and Short Term Planning (STP) Matcher have been proven to save significant time and effort and are now ready for utilisation by Train Operator planning teams.

Tracsis Roster Fitting Module

When a Short Term Plan (STP) gets to the crew diagramming stage, inevitably there will have been changes to the timetable and unit diagrams, resulting in some crew diagrams being cancelled. Train Operator staff remain rostered to work during those times and there becomes a necessity to quickly plan the most efficient method of new work to fit into these planned roster slots.

TrainTRACS Roster Fitting Module can:

• Integrate seamlessly with TrainTRACS to assist the STP process by creating crew diagrams that can fit into the planned roster slots quickly and efficiently
• Is activated or de-activated with a simple tick box
• Enables the user to define rules for how TrainTRACS can fit work into existing roster slots based on sign on/off and shift length
• Be used within LTP to STP when creating Long Term Plans (LTP) if a roster is already known and planning staff need to match to it
• Enable the user to plan for a degraded timetable to get the shifts to match the roster. For example, in the event of snow and ice overnight – the control team can pick this timetable, unit and crew diagrams off the shelf and run it without having to call crew in early or delay them to later in the day

How Roster Fitting Works:

• Provides a solution quickly and accurately within agreed STP crew diagramming ad rostering rules
• Maximises roster efficiency in the short term and during disruption
• Improves spare utilisation, reducing overtime and rest day working, increasing profitability
• Functionality includes the new Long-Term Planning as Short Term Planning matcher development

Tracsis Long Term Planning as Short Term Planning Matcher - New Development!

Available with our Roster fitting module – compares new LTP plans against existing plans, significantly reducing time.

• Simplifies the LTP crew diagram creation process, resulting in a significant amount of time saved during their production
• Roster fitting functionality can be activated as part of the LTP as STP process
• Diagrams will be link specific therefore reducing the number of changes requested at consultation stage
• Creation of stability in base rostering so that minimum changes are made, leading to a huge time saving in base rostering creation
• Diagrams and rosters are more likely to be accepted be trade unions due to less change
• Enables quicker decision making on strategic planning
• Insightful overview prediction on LTP plans

The module will also allow you to overlay current LTP crew diagrams with a new LTP plan for comparison. The software is completely configurable and will mark all current LTP diagrams as unchanged, amended, cancelled or queried.

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Tracsis Roster Fitting

LTP as STP Matcher