Are you ready for CP6?

15 April 19

DayOne – Providing a right time focus, investigating delays at any threshold down to a single second!

The new CP6 metrics have been implemented which are tightening train punctuality. The new metric calls
for higher levels of data, trains will now having their time measured down to a single second. Tracsis DayOne provides an innovative solution.
Tracsis software DayOne allows you to meet the new CP6 metrics. DayOne captures and records this data, down to the second through a mobile, digital app that can be used by station staff and train crews to quickly and easily provide reasons for delays.

Benefits of DayOne can bring to you:
• Promotes a performance culture by engaging frontline staff
• App and Desktop UIs to enable use right across the business
• Customer facing staff have the latest detailed information on performance and customer issues
• Right time focus, investigating delays at any threshold you choose down to a single second
• Connects to existing software to enhance reporting and analysis
• Improve performance and drives up revenues

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DayOne Product Sheet