Get access to real time information with Tracsis Log Mobile App!

18 April 19

Read the Control Log any time, any place to keep up to date at all times

Log Mobile App allows for quick and easy access to real-time information on an easy, user friendly interface. The Control Log can be accessed whenever, on the train to work, out-of-hours or on site at an incident. This means that managers on the move can be kept fully informed on incidents. The Mobile Log Viewer continues to operate when offline. App users can highlight important logs for follow-up by ‘pinning’ entries, these may include a specific event that caused a significant delay or a trend of recurring delays that need investigation.

Benefits of Log Mobile App:
• Quick and easy access to real-time information
• Simple, user friendly interface needs no training
• Read-only access facilitates data security
• Effortless ability to read about yesterday’s major incidents
• Control Log entries can be pinned on screen for follow up
• Will work with Tracsis Information Manager when released
• Removes the workload of Control team needing to email the Control Log out each day

Log Mobile App shows users the current day’s Control Log in real-time and keeps them up to date with current issues affecting performance. Log Mobile can work on wi-fi or through a 4G connection, if connection is lost, the Control Log stores the last 7 days.

If you would like more information on Log Mobile, please click the link below.

Mobile Log Viewer Application