20mph Zones

16 December 21

“20mph zones are an effective means of reducing road crashes and casualties. They are very effective at protecting our most vulnerable road users, including children, pedestrians and cyclists, and significantly decrease the risk of being injured in a collision”

20mph road markings.

20mph zones use traffic calming measures to reduce the adverse impact of motor vehicles on built up areas. The principle is that the traffic calming slows vehicles down to speeds below the limit, and in this way the zone becomes ‘self-enforcing’. Speed humps, chicanes, road narrowing, planting and other measures can be introduced to both physically and visually reinforce the nature of the road.

Street parking with cars parked either side of the road.

Traffic calming programmes can incorporate a wide range of measures designed to work in partnership to reduce speeds and improve the overall environment, and in effect this means there can be significant differences between schemes.

Tracsis Traffic Data Ltd have been asked to assist in collecting before and after speed and volume data for the introduction of 20mph zones throughout the UK, whether it be using standard data collection methods, or advanced AI, we have the tools to collect the data you need.

Backed up with our core principles of Quality, Relationships and Safety (QRS), we enable our clients to make informed decisions through accurate data.