A successful 'Challenge Cheltenham'

20 November 15

Over the last 18 months we have been working on ‘Challenge Cheltenham’, a project to revamp and revitalise the transport and parking plans at Cheltenham Racecourse. The Open meeting in November 2015 was our chance to fully trial these new arrangements. The new plan combined road closures and one way flows based on scientific data collected using Tracsis Traffic & Data Monitoring, with new traffic routing and parking zones to improve user experience and reduce delays for both racegoers and locals.

A selection of visual aids for racegoers

The plan also looked to assist racegoers to find the most convenient route to the racecourse following maps and coloured routing signs from home to parking zone.

Two marshals posing for a photo next to a sign 'Labels only'

The trial went well and will continue to improve over the next few race meetings as everyone becomes more accustomed to it. David MacKinnon from The Jockey Club said, “With the dust settling post The Open now is a good opportunity to thank you and the team. It’s been a brave move to change the traffic management plan and all your and the team’s efforts to achieve this are hugely appreciated”.