Climate Change Is the Greatest Risk Facing Us All

04 November 21

There is no avoiding the hot topic of the greatest risk facing us all – climate change and the need to unite the world to tackle it.

The COP26 summit currently taking place in Glasgow has brought many parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Everyone has a role to play in this, both in business and our personal lives. We can all take steps to lead more sustainable lives. No matter how small they seem, altogether they can and will make a difference.

Our largest contribution towards reducing environmental impact is by improving the rate vehicles get into and out of event sites across the UK. By reducing queue times and parking visitors up efficiently we can help to reduce CO2 emissions; 19% of which is vehicle related.

Here at SEP sites, we recycle

  • all paper, card, plastics, tin, and glass in conjunction with local council recycling systems and have for a number of years now

  • all eligible plastic traffic management equipment via waste processing plants in the UK to reduce landfill

  • ageing metal sign frames and wooden pallets

  • ageing IT equipment.

With sites across the UK, wherever possible, meetings are held virtually and, alongside hybrid working this enables us to reduce the travel of our staff. We also operate carsharing when travel is necessary.

SEP is investigating the possibility of installing a solar panel system at our main site in Boroughbridge, to assist with reducing our carbon footprint. This has future potential to have storage batteries on site to become self-sufficient in powering the entire site.

With the recent addition of The ICON Group to the Tracsis group of companies we are keen to meet the team and learn from their vast knowledge to help us to create a better environment. They are the first GIS & Earth Observation company in Ireland pledging to become carbon neutral by 2022 and educate employees on the importance of living a more sustainable lifestyle. Read about The Icon Group

Take a look at COP26 One Step Greener for ideas on how you can go #OneStepGreener. Even cutting up your old jeans to make trendy festival shorts can help!

Two red recycling binsGreen waste paper recycling binA pile of commercial and industrial waste