General Election or General Disruption

14 November 19

Planning your Traffic Surveys effectively and efficiently has never been more important.

The run up to a general election can delay your plans for important projects and traffic surveys are no exception. It’s important to get your traffic surveys organised and delivered as soon as possible over the next few days and weeks.

What could hold you up?

  • Customer confidence can drop as an election approaches causing businesses to delay decisions and hold off spending budget.

  • Central and local government are not able to make announcements that could favour individual political parties so legislation and decisions can be delayed.

  • Financial security can decrease for businesses from the effects of the various manifesto promises around taxation and spending.

  • Currency fluctuations are less predictable over the next few weeks which can make project spend decisions tricky.

  • Relationships at government level will almost certainly change after a general election even if the current government stays in power. The re-shuffle from Minister level downwards can mean projects get delayed or even cancelled after the dust has settled.

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We can help

Tracsis have the capabilities in human resources, technology, equipment and geographical spread to help you accelerate existing and new survey delivery over the coming weeks to ensure you have the traffic insights to deliver your transport planning projects.

The insights we provide through innovative data collection and effective transport-related consultancy saves time and cost for our clients and generates increased efficiencies through the provision of sustainable transport solutions, supported data hosting and visualisation tools.

The range of capabilities across the Division allows Tracsis to provide the complete service offering which sets us aside from our competitors.

Contact your Tracsis Traffic team with your enquiry now, to get your project booked in and data captured before the disruptions.

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