Introducing the SEP Academy for 2019

04 March 19

The SEP Promise logo

2019 sees the launch of the SEP Academy, which is designed to enable and encourage professional development within our workforce.

Training is completed using a combination of videos, available to view online, coupled with mentoring schemes. Mentoring is a key part of the Academy as it provides our staff with on the job training that will work hand in hand with our new online packages. Level 1 training has already been launched, with many of our event workforce across the country already completing the first modules. Initial feedback received has been extremely positive. The next step for the Academy Team is to launch the Event Support Staff training package, currently scheduled for April.  We are holding regional training and information days for our future event support staff, which will further support them in their journey with SEP. 

The Academy aims to offer training and support to employees working at all levels of the business in the future.