Introducing TRACtions Action Tracker!

12 June 20

Today’s Train Operator is swamped with data. Whilst this should mean that they are very well informed, there is a real danger of information overload.

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What is difficult to identify is: “Is there something here that I need to know?” and “Is there anything that I need to do as a result?” There is so much data and yet it is difficult to identify what is truly important, and what is completely irrelevant. Things can become even more difficult when working on projects. with actions arriving piecemeal through meetings, in emails, and on calls. Spreadsheets are often created to track these actions, which although they can be shared through a system such as Sharepoint, are often just emailed out to the project team, further increasing email traffic. Whilst using spreadsheets to manage the actions means that they are easy to set up, they can be difficult to share, time consuming to manage, and can quickly grow out of hand. Confidentiality and version control are also problems with no control possible once a spreadsheet has been produced and distributed.

This is where TRACtions Action Tracker can help!

We aim to address all the issues with such action related spreadsheets whilst maintaining their flexibility and ease of setup. A new module, known as TRACtions, has been created which can be set up across a business so that multiple projects can use a central system to manage a wide range of actions.

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TRACtions has been developed to operate as part of our main Compass system and as an

independent module to work with other Tracsis products and third party systems.

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Features and Benefits of TRACtions

TRACtions features and benefits

The TRACtions White Paper: Making Sense of the Data

For more information on how this innovative module could assist your business, or to arrange for a demonstration, please read the white paper above and contact us today at