Strategic Rail Freight Interchanges (SFRI): Getting it Done!

17 March 20

Achieving your objectives with Freight Terminal Development

We understand what an important part rail plays within your development strategy. It is likely the approval of your planning application will depend on having a suitable connection to the rail network. We also understand that dealing with the rail industry can be a complicated, complex and time-consuming effort. This is why Tracsis is keen to support you in your endeavours and help you achieve your objectives.

Tracsis offers a range of support and expertise during the design and development phases of the SRFI, these include:

  • Capacity analysis of the network – identify train paths in and out of your facility;

  • Capacity modelling of the railhead – validation that the terminal will provide the expected throughput;

  • Timetable planning – we can develop a timetable for you; and

  • Due diligence – undertake a review of rail capability and resources within the supply chain.

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