The Trussell Trust

01 December 22

Tracsis and The Trussell Trust logos

‘Tis the season of giving and CTM are supporting the Trussell Trust by collecting food/toiletries for Tamworth foodbank, with drop offs scheduled in December and January.

 Here is a list of items they are currently in urgent need of:

 Tinned fruit

  • Tea bags

  • Toiletries – shampoo/conditioner/deodorant/shower gel

  • Small bottles of squash

  • Rice pudding

  • Tinned vegetables – carrots/mushrooms/sweetcorn/peas/potatoes

  • Tinned fish

  • Tinned meat – hot dogs, meatballs, stew, curry, chilli

  • Jam

  • Toilet rolls

  • UHT milk

  • Microwave rice

  • Small jars of coffee

  • Custard

  • Mashed/tinned potatoes

  • Tinned tomatoes

 For anyone wishing to donate money as well as food, they can follow this link and donate directly through the Trussell Trust website, it’s an excellent cause – albeit one we wish wasn’t necessary.

 We have also gathered up all our old tech and we will be distributing the items that we can to charities who allocate items to people who need them. Anything that cannot be donated will be sold and the money donated to charities of our choice.

 As part of a Tracsis group-wide policy, each employee can also use two working days a year to volunteer during work hours. We are currently looking into how we can use these as a team to maximise impact.

Follow us on all social media channels to stay informed, as we look to provide updates throughout 2023 on what we do and the channels for others to help.

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