Tracsis introduces Marvel at the Modern Railways 4th Friday Club

14 October 20

Tracsis are proud to be sponsoring this years’ Modern Railways 4th Friday Club’s Rail in the North event.

Now an established annual fixture in the rail events calendar, the event celebrates progress in the modernisation and improvement of the railways of the North of England. A fitting backdrop for the launch of our innovative Marvel Software!

A man uses software on two lcd monitors

Improving resilience of resource diagrams, providing greater confidence of delivering a high performance rail service

Given the criticism levelled at the industry for the poor performing May 2018 timetable change and the light this shone on the planning process in general, It is increasingly important that Train Operators and Network Rail can satisfy themselves that timetables are supported by resilient resource schedules that can recover from perturbations, rather than propagating delays into a downward spiral of late running and cancellations. This is where Marvel can help!

Developed by our talented software engineers and led by Ian Smith, Head of Innovation, the Marvel suite’s next generation diagram structure supports parallelisation and multi-function planning roles, enabling future thinking operators to accurately assess their resource plan and identify potential diagramming errors. Benefits of the system include:

  • The support of multi-function analysis of drivers, on board staff and rolling stock schedules

  • Enabling resource planners to identify potential hotspot risks in diagrams

  • Validating the consistency of timetables and their associated stock and crew plans

  • Allowing operators to reduce performance risks in plans

  • Assisting operators to develop performance management plans to mitigate risks in diagrams

Resilience and robustness: A resource led assessment of the timetable – 13th November at the 4th Friday Club’s Rail in the North virtual event

This year the Modern Railways 4th Friday Club’s Rail in the North event is going virtual due to the current COVID crisis, taking place over 3 dates in November (6th, 13th and 20th). Register today via the Modern Railways 4th Friday club website and log in on 13th November to hear Ian give an overview of this innovative tool that is set to revolutionise the rail industry.

“Embedding Marvel within the planning function allows planners to prioritise their efforts to improve both long and short term plans, giving the industry greater confidence of delivering resilient performance”

Ian Smith, Head of Innovation at Tracsis Rail Consultancy

Ian Smith, Head of Innovation at Tracsis Rail Consultancy

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