UCI World Cycling Championships

01 October 19

Cyclists racing at the UCI World Cycling Championships

Wow, what a week that was! The lycra clad men & women of the cycling world descended onto our local turf and battled on through all weathers. Spectator support was equally impressive.

This was the largest international sporting event within the UK in 2019 and as such its successful delivery has been covered through the world media!

Cyclists racing at the UCI World Cycling Championships

A few little facts about SEP at the UCI: We covered 555 road closure positions over the 6 days we worked. We closed over 330 miles of roads through Yorkshire (enough to go from London to Edinburgh) We parked over 280 Team Buses - that's a staggering 4.2 kilometres of buses if parked end to end.

A road closed sign and spectators in the background

All of this wouldn't have been possible without the dedication of our staff. SEP would like to say a MASSIVE THANKS for all your hard work at the UCI World Cycling Championships, and to those of the team holding the fort at many other events around the UK.

Traffic management measures