Wet, wonderful Windsor

20 May 16

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Royal Windsor Horse Show and the International Endurance such a brilliant success last week. Despite the cancellation of ‘Windsor Wednesday’ due half a month's rain falling in just 12 hours and the car parks being flooded, our fantastic teams helped make make the rest of the event a triumph. The weather made our work a bit more challenging as you can see.

A marshal with an umbrellaA waterlogged fieldA waterlogged track along side a fence

Nonetheless, the resilient British public turned out in force for the remaining days and ticket sales were up by 20% day on day compared to previous years. Some of our team were lucky enough to get up close and personal to the action, including seeing the Queen drive past - it really is her in the Range Rover, we promise! It is a great event to be part of and we look forward to being back there again which will be our third year.

A marshal managing parkingA horse drawn vehicle watched by marshalsTwo marshals observe a horse-drawn vehicleA horse drawn vehicle passing 'Welcome' signsTwo marshals workingA marshal directs spectators at nightA horse-drawn vehicle crosses a road