Workers walking across a walkway.

WMCA Matrix Update Surveys

For this study Tracsis were commissioned to interview bus and train passengers on their journeys, specifically origin-destination as well as other trip information. Boarding and alighting counts were also undertaken in addition to the interviews.

A car with a dash effect driving on a road.

A36 Speed Surveys

Tracsis installed 30 Automatic Traffic Counters between Bath and Southampton to capture the data for the client. Surveys were carried out for a 24hr, 7-day period which included weekly checks to ensure the equipment operated correctly.

An aerial shot of Croydon.

Croydon CPZ

Tracsis were commissioned to undertake the largest parking survey of its kind, covering approximately 400km of kerbside distance across the Boroughs 7 Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ).

A train at a station.

Rail Ticketless Travel Surveys

Train operating companies (TOCs) are required to undertake surveys to check the types of tickets passengers are travelling with, in order to supplement the work Revenue Protection Officers carry out in enforcing tickets, and correct tickets.

A shot of the ANPR system with a sunset background.

A120 Essex ANPR

For such a large data set, the challenges following the fieldwork are often the most difficult. Our Analysis team provided the client with a robust set of data they required, delivered on time and to specification.

Cars on a bridge with a blurred effect.

Transport for London

London is one of the busiest urban areas in the world with an estimated 1 million commuters entering the city each day to add to the residential population. In addition to the Underground rail system, there is an extensive surface transport infrastru

Cyclists near a canal.

Active Travel Monitoring – Canal & River Trust

The Canal & River Trust (CRT) is a registered charity caring for 3,219km of working canals and river navigations, docks and reservoirs across England and Wales. The Trust works in partnership with others to support the health and wellbeing of million

A large cruise ship in port.

A3024 Southampton

The A3024 in Southampton is one of the major trunk roads providing access to the city centre from the east. Like many city-centre routes, it is heavily congested throughout the day, with major peaks in traffic volumes at rush hour.

A large amount of cyclists using the bike lane.

Transport for London Cycle Counts

The launch of the Major’s Vision for Cycling in March 2013 outlined plans to spend £913m on cycling improvements over the next 10 years.