Level crossing with a train passing by.

Level Crossing Event Monitoring

Level crossing event monitoring allows for the close observation of crossing operations. Learn more about how our technology works here.

How our Products Helped

  1. Our SA380 event data logger allows for remote monitoring of level crossing functions, including the surrounding assets.

  2. This data is transmitted, in real-time, to the Centrix data platform. Once it is here, it is automatically analysed.

  3. Maintenance teams are alerted immediately via email if any functions show signs of poor performance or degradation.

  4. With these automated monitoring tools in place, the need for routine manual inspections is greatly reduced. Situational awareness is also increased via instant notification of events of interest.

  5. Our Centrix data platform allows for remote event investigation and replay of events.


Supportive evidence:

Remote Event Monitoring can support judicial investigations into incidents and allegations at level crossings.

Enhanced safety:

Staff safety is improved through reduced time spent trackside. Fewer visits to sites means there is less time spent by workers in dangerous environments.

Public safety is greatly improved too.

Greater context:

The wider monitoring of assets around the level crossing can provide context for issues.