An aerial shot of Croydon.

Croydon CPZ

Croydon is the sixth largest commercial office centre in England outside Central London and is a strategic hub of business and commerce within Greater London and the Southeast. Outside London’s West End, Croydon, with over 250,000 square metres of retail space, is one of the largest shopping centres in the Southeast. A major development of outer town stores, linked to the town centre by “Tramlink” has also grown up on the Purley Way. More than 130,000 people come to work in the town each day and 600,000 shoppers visit the Whitgift Centre each week, helping to generate an estimated annual turnover in excess of £500 million. (Croydon council).

Croydon’s town centre and surrounding areas are undergoing major growth, expansion and regeneration and such changes will have an impact upon the supply and demand equilibrium of parking provision. Croydon Council needed to understand the current supply and demand profile of parking provision and to understand the changes & impacts over the next 5 years, so that a balanced approach can be applied to deliver adequate provision.

Tracsis were commissioned to undertake the largest parking survey of its kind, covering approximately 400km of kerbside distance across the Boroughs 7 Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ). The parking stress survey involved recording the occupancy of all parking bays, restrictions and available spaces across hourly intervals between 0600 and 0000, over 2 weekdays and a Saturday. The areas included:

  • Double yellow lines (no waiting at any time);

  • Single yellow lines (no waiting between specified times);

  • Disabled parking;

  • Loading bays;

  • Doctors/Ambulance bay;

  • Car club bay;

  • Bus-stop clearways;

  • Bus Stops / Stands

  • School Keep Clear markings;

  • Pedestrian crossing zig-zag markings;

  • Access protection markings

  • Double red lines (Transport for London Red Route Clearways)

Partial registration details were recorded on each parking beat, to ascertain duration of stay of each vehicle. In addition, any visible permits were recorded against the parked vehicle, so that user characteristics could be evaluated, e.g. resident permits, blue badge holders etc.

Tracsis successfully completed the data collection on behalf of Consultants WSP, who in turn delivered the overall report of key findings, trends and levels of parking as well as duration of stay, age composition of vehicles across the 9 CPZ areas and recommendations for future developments in line with the proposed expansion around Croydon.