A commuter train

Tracsis Dispatch with Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) and Positive Train Control

TriMet provides bus, light rail and commuter rail services across the Portland region of Oregon. Established in 2009, the Westside Express Service (WES) operates in Portland during the working week.

What Tracsis Did

TriMet WES selected  the Tracsis solutions of CTC Dispatch and PTC (Positive Train Control). These systems provide signals in the field so that the dispatch office has enhanced visibility of commuter line signals.

The Wayside Segment Control Points (CPs) along the WES Corridor are managed by the office segment at the dispatch center through the use of Tracsis CTC systems. The office segment allows the dispatcher to manually control signals and switches as required for improved visibility and safety.

CTC Dispatch benefits include:

  • On-time performance

  • User-friendly interface

  • Reduced risk of human error

  • Safe, consistent rule set enforcement

  • Dispatchers able to issue safe train movement authorities

Tracsis’ PTC is a federally mandated accident prevention system that allows trains to slow or stop independently based on track signal information. All dispatcher required functionality is integrated into the office segment of PTC.

The PTC user interface through the DOC system allows the operator to issue common rule set forms to request PTC Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSR) and Mandatory Directives (MD).

PTC benefits include:

  • Potential train collision interception

  • Excessive speed derailments stopped

  • Unauthorized incursions by trains into work zones with ongoing maintenance halted

  • Prevention of train movement through an incorrectly positioned track switch

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