Track circuit.

Points Remote Condition Monitoring

Points remote condition monitoring removes the requirement to assess this equipment manually.

How our Products Helped

  1. Our SA380-TX data loggers allow for dynamic, condition-based maintenance regimes to be implemented. These data loggers can monitor:

    • Points Motor Current

    • Detection Relay State

    • Locking Mechanisms

    • Hydraulic Pressure on Clamp Lock type points

    • Air Flow on Pneumatic Flow type points

    • Load pins

    • Vibrations via accelerometer

    • Oil levels on Clamp Lock type points

    • Point Swing times

    This data is transmitted in real-time to the Centrix data platform, where it is automatically analysed.

  2. Maintenance teams are alerted immediately via email if any points or switches show signs of poor performance or degradation. Alarm thresholds are automatically determined from historical data.

  3. With these automated monitoring tools in place, the need for routine manual inspections is greatly reduced. Situational awareness is also increased via instant notification of events of interest.

  4. Our Centrix data platform allows for remote event investigation. It can also replay point and switch events, allowing engineers to understand patterns of intermittent faults.


The graph below shows a single capture trace from Centrix. It shows points remote conditioning in action:


You can see that this capture trace has a saw-tooth characteristic - this suggests that rotor windings are being commutated poorly. Typically this is caused by worn motor brushes. This saw-tooth will become more pronounced over time as the brushes further degrade.

Engineers can visit this site, knowing where the source of the issue is likely to be. In this case, they can prepare to resolve the worn motor brushes. This would potentially not have been detected by a visual inspection.

With access to data like this, you can expect the following results:

With access to data like this, our client was able to see the following results:

Reduced costs:

Remote condition monitoring of points can reduce the need for on-site maintenance inspections significantly. This can bring down costs by up to 70%.

Improved safety:

Staff safety is improved through reduced time spent trackside. Fewer visits to sites means there is less time spent by workers in dangerous environments.

Optional unit installations:

Once an SA380-TX unit is installed on site, multiple other units can be 'slaved' to it. We recommend SA380-TXL and SA380-IT units to ensure the most effective use of installations.