A train at a station.

Rail Ticketless Travel Surveys

Train operating companies (TOCs) are required to undertake surveys to check the types of tickets passengers are travelling with, in order to supplement the work Revenue Protection Officers carry out in enforcing tickets, and correct tickets.

In collaboration with various Consultancies, Tracsis undertake these ticketless travel project on rail networks up and down the country. Our teams of Surveyors board a selection of train services as set out in detailed schedules, moving through the trains asking passengers to show their ticket types. These are recorded using hand held electronic devices such as phone handsets or tablets. Our teams are specifically trained in dealing with members of the public, as well as the robust health and safety training when working within rail stations and on trains.

Generally, surveys run for 3 to 6 weeks, with our teams collecting up to 70,000 individual observations across the survey period. The data is then used to estimate the total amount of revenue at risk (i.e. passengers with no ticket, or the incorrect type of ticket purchased due to lower cost). Compliance with these targets are crucial to TOC operational efficiency, performance and revenues.