Track circuit.

Track Circuit Remote Condition Monitoring

Track circuit remote condition monitoring is a solution that removes the requirement to assess this equipment traditionally.

How our Products Helped

  1. Our SA380-TX track-side loggers allow for dynamic condition-based maintenance regimes to be implemented.

  2. Track circuit currents and detection relay states are transmitted in real-time to the Centrix data platform. Once here, the data is automatically analysed.

  3. Locking performance, or “sticky locks,” are the most frequently observed issue. This is followed by motor commutation issues (e.g. worn motor brushes).

  4. Maintenance teams are alerted immediately via email if any track circuits show signs of poor performance or degradation.

  5. With automated monitoring tools in place, the need for routine manual inspections is greatly reduced. At the same time situational awareness is increased via instant notification of events of interest.

  6. Our Centrix data platform allows for remote event investigation and replay of track circuit events. This allows engineers to understand patterns of intermittent faults.

Results and Future Plans

Reduced costs:

The remote condition monitoring of track circuits reduces the need for on-site maintenance inspections from quarterly to bi-annually. This reduces costs by up to 90%, proving a significant ROI.

Enhanced Safety:

Staff safety is improved through this reduced time spent trackside. Fewer visits to sites means there is less time spent by workers in dangerous environments.

Future Track Circuit Types:

We currently offer remote condition monitoring on the following track circuit types. However, we are always working with engineers to introduce coverage of new asset types. These include:

  • HVI Track Circuits

  • VT1 / AC Vane Relay

  • EbiTrack 200 / 300 / 400

  • FS2600

  • UM71

  • Aster / TI21

  • DC Tracks

  • CVCM

  • Reed Track Circuits