Workers walking across a walkway.

WMCA Matrix Update Surveys

For this study Tracsis were commissioned to interview bus and train passengers on their journeys, specifically origin-destination as well as other trip information. Boarding and alighting counts were also undertaken in addition to the interviews.

Prior to the surveys, Tracsis carried out a number or checks which included:

  • Checking each location against the description provided by the client;

  • Assessing the site’s suitability in terms of Health and Safety; and

  • Reviewing the recommended number of interviewing and supervisory staff required. This was based on issues such as;

    • the number of services using the site (and their frequency);

    • the amount of boarding and alighting at the stops (from observations); and

    • the physical layout of the stops.

For the main survey, Tracsis deployed a team of fieldworkers to undertake surveys at each of the bus stop or rail stations:

  • Passenger Interview surveys - face to face at bus stops and via post-back questionnaires at rail stations.

  • Passenger Counts - at Stops and on rail platforms.

A 10% sample of passengers were interviews we captured at each location, and a checked and cleaned data set was delivered to the client.