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Delay repay for Go-Ahead

Go-Ahead approached iBlocks looking for a solution that could significantly reduce the cost of processing Delay Repay claims, reduce time from claim submission to award and flag fraudulent claims.

How Our Product Helped

smartREPAY automates most of the work associated with claims from submission through to fulfilment, including the two most laborious tasks for agents: delay calculation and ticket verification.

smartREPAY automatically assesses the delay accurately by using multiple sources of industry data to get the best view of how the trains ran on the day and modelling customer behaviour against the available journey options.

smartREPAY then checks the ticket against multiple sources of ticket data to ensure the ticket is genuine, whether it is owned by the customer and also that it is valid for the journey claimed.

All calculation steps are made available to agents during and after any referral process, reducing some of the work during assessment as well as demonstrating full auditability.

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

The adoption of smartREPAY significantly improved processing times through automating claims and also reduced manual handling times when a claim is handled by an agent. Consequently, most claims are now processed in less than 3 days. With such levels of automation it has also allowed the contact centre to cope with larger volumes of claims during periods of disruption – with peaks of 25,000 claims in a day. The client’s original aim of reducing costs has been realised through the deployment of smartREPAY – cutting their costs of claim processing by an estimated £1.3m per year.

As newer, smarter ticket types become available within the industry the future for smartREPAY can only get smarter with increased levels of automation and ever evolving fraud detection measures.