Central Romana train.

Dispatch with Track Warrant Control (TWC) and GPS radio system

Central Romana Corporation is an agro-industrial and tourism company based in the Dominican Republic. Established in 1912, it began manufacturing sugar and became the country’s largest cane producer.

What Tracsis Did

Central Romana Corporation wanted to digitize their train authority process, as previously they had been using a paper-based system. Alongside Tracsis, Central Romana Corporation aimed to create an easy-to-use, accurate and reliable system. In addition, they required a solid platform that reduced human error to increase safety and security.

Tracsis collaborated in partnership with CRC to provide their mainline Track Warrant Control (TWC) Computer-Aided Dispatch system, integrated with a GPS radio tracking system.  This platform allows teams to see exactly where trains are located in their dark territory railroad.

There are no mainline signals or electronics to verify location information, as this is derived from the radio system.  Ultimately. the TWC Dispatch and GPS radio systems give CRC a higher level of visibility of train operations.

As part of the process, Tracsis worked closely with the client to build this effective system. Information from original data sheets was reviewed and essential data incorporated into the software. As the company had never used this technology before, it was vital that all important elements were considered at each stage of the project for successful outcomes.

Tracsis’ TWC Dispatching is designed with a user-friendly graphical interface and is highly configurable to ensure safety, accuracy and efficiency. Dispatchers can issue digital authorities for full visibility over mainline track operations.  

Benefits include:

  • Full train visibility using GPS data displayed on dispatch interface

  • User-friendly interface

  • Reduced risk of human error with software platform

  • Safe, consistent rule set enforcement

  • Dispatchers able to issue safe train movement authorities

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